Katie Lodge

"Jim helped me all the way from start to finish, building my confidence. I was never confident before or enjoyed driving but Jim changed my mind completely. Now I enjoy it and feel confident. 100% recommend JSF Driving School." Great practical driving test pass for Katie Lodge at Gloucester Test Centre on 15th November 2018. Jim's enjoyed coaching you, and the team all wish you safe journeys that you enjoy!

Emily Barnard

"Very happy and relieved to have passed first time! Jim was very accommodating, ensuring that I received enough lessons in my summer break from University to make sure I was ready for the test, so I wouldn't have to worry about it during term time. He was always very patient and explained things clearly enough so I didn't get too panicked, which is very helpful for me! Now I can drive to Uni if I like which will be great. Thanks! " Great result for Emily Barnard from Coleford with her well deserved first time pass at Gloucester test centre on the 4th October 2018. Jim and the team are so pleased for you. Work hard, enjoy your freedom, and stay safe!

Oliver Willetts

"Very pleased to pass first time! I really enjoyed learning to drive with Jim and couldn’t have done it without him. I can’t wait to begin driving in my own car and I will be recommending JSF Driving to my all friends and family!" A well deserved first time pass for Oliver Willetts from Whitecroft on the 14th September 2018 at Gloucester Test Centre. Enjoy driving around in your new Citroen!

Laura Graham

"I can’t thank Jim and Sharn enough, not only did they help me pass my test, but with their patience and understanding they have helped me deal with my anxiety and panic attacks. I’m more confident than I have ever been in years and can’t wait to take my little boy on holiday. They believed in me and helped me believe in myself. I would and will recommend JSF Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive." We have a battler here with the amazing Laura Graham who so deservedly passed her practical driving test in Monmouth Test Centre on the 14th August 2018. We are so proud that you can now go on some amazing adventures with your family, just as you've always wanted. Stay safe and hope to see you soon, from all the JSF Driving School team.

Melody Richer

"I found Jim to be very patient a thorough when teaching me to drive. I started knowing absolutely nothing about driving and couldn’t be more happy to have now passed. I am extremely grateful for all the help!"   Super result for Melody Richer from Ruardean who passed her practical driving test at Gloucester Test Centre on 1st August 2018. Congratulations Melody from all the JSF team. Enjoy your new found freedom!

Charlotte Willcocks

"I can't thank you enough for helping me pass first time (putting up with my swearing) and genuinely being lovely. Your teaching is fantastic and the patience you have is incredible. I'll be sad to not have our laughs and jokes, but you've now got one happy girl! Thank you so  so so much Jim!!!  Congratulations to Charlotte Willocks from Gloucester with a well deserved first time pass with JSF Jim on 27th July 2018. Enjoy your freedom!

Joe Booth

"From the very start Jim made me feel exceptionally at ease after not driving for a few years. Now 7 months down the line I have passed my driving test first time, truly down to Jim's patience and fantastic guidance. Each lesson applied something new, whilst making sure I had retained it in the following lesson. Jim's sense of humour made those first few lessons easier for me. Now I've got a licence it will open up new doors for my career and social life. Cheers Jim!"  Earning a first time pass at Gloucester Test Centre on 21st June 2018 is Joe Booth from Abbeydale, Gloucester. Great result and congratulations from all at the JSF Driving team! Enjoy what it will bring for you.

Paul Weyman

"Absolutely thrilled to have passed... now the wife can be the passenger! Jim was a very patient instructor who made me feel very comfortable at all times. It's been a very pleasurable experience with JSF Driving. " Celebrating a first time pass on 20th June 2018 is Paul Weyman from Gloucester. Well deserved and congratulations from the JSF Driving team.

Adele Franghiadi

"I’m so pleased to have passed my test first time, and I’m incredibly grateful to JSF Driving School for the support through the (in my case, lengthy) process! I was taught by my Dad, JSF Jim, which I thought might be a bit weird to start with, but he’s such a great teacher that I was instantly put at ease! He was always calm and supportive, with clear explanations that he ensures are put into practice so you fully understand. I started learning nearly 5 years ago, but as school and university got in the way, I put the process on hold for a year or two — this wasn’t an issue though as Jim taught me so well that driving was easy to pick up again, even after a long break. I don’t feel like I’ve simply passed my test — I feel like a genuinely confident and comfortable driver, who is ready to take on the responsibility of being a road-user, which is a very reassuring feeling for my first solo drive! I’ll miss having lessons with Jim/Dad, but I’m glad I’ll be able to take away a very solid skillset thanks to his tuition. Thank you JSF!"  Long overdue first time test pass for Adele Franghiadi from Lydney who finally managed to smash it by coming home from Birmingham for a week for an intensive course. The longest learner on the JSF books, you did Gloucester Test Centre and Daddy proud... just in time to drive to your new job in September. Well done Adele!

Anna Hallway

"Can’t wait to be driving on my own and just hoping that my future passengers are as patient as Jim. Thank you so much JSF Driving School!" Celebrating her status as a new driver on 1st June 2018 is Anna Hallway from Gloucester after passing her test at Gloucester test centre. Enjoy your freedom, stay safe... see you on the road!

Adam Chandler

"Jim really helped with my driving and confidence. He was a really patient instructor. Without him I wouldn’t have passed and gained my independence. Thanks for all your patience and encouragement."  A well deserved practical driving test pass for Adam Chandler from Gloucester at the Gloucester Test Centre on 31st May 2018. There will be no stopping him now. Well done!

Billie Thomas

""I am really happy that I passed my driving test, I couldn’t have done it without Jim. Thank you for your patience and encouragement!"  Congratulations to Billie Thomas from Blakeney who passed her practical test at Gloucester Test Centre on 15th May 2018. Great result that will make your weekly commute so much easier.

Andy Ashford-Kelleher

"Jim was so patient & clear in his instructions, very important at my age. I was an extremely nervous learner as I had been involved in a serious accident in the past as a passenger & it had put me off learning until last year. If Jim can teach me he can teach anyone!" Great result for Andy Ashford-Kelleher from Ruardean Woodside with his first time pass at Gloucester Test Centre on 11th May 2018. Andy we're so pleased for you and always knew you could do it. Enjoy your freedom!

Michael Kelly

"JSF Driving are very professional, reliable and friendly. Passing my test has and will make my life a lot easier. I enjoyed all my lessons with Simon and Jim, even when the lessons were difficult." Celebrating a well deserved pass for Michael Kelly from Chepstow who passed his practical test at Monmouth Test Centre on 23rd March 2018. Stay safe and enjoy your freedom! 

Martha Beard

"Woohoo! I passed first time with only 3 minors. I am so relieved! It means I can drive myself to school and not wake up at a stupid hour. I am extremely grateful to Jim. He is a fab instructor. Very calm, patient and helpful. I would highly recommend JSF Driving and I will be deffo! Thank you so much." Excellent first time pass for Martha Beard from Newnham-on-Severn at Gloucester Test Centre on 20th March 2018. Enjoy the lie-ins and stay safe!

Connie Fuller

"Thank you so much JSF Driving! Not only have you helped me pass my test but have really helped me with my confidence when driving, which I never thought would happen. The lessons were very thorough and helpful. Jim was very calm and clear when explaining what I did wrong and how to improve it. It is a very professional school with a checklist to map your progress along the way. I started off hating driving and the thought of it made me anxious, but with Jim's help I can now drive confidently thanks to his reassurance. Thank you again, I wouldn't have been able to do this without you!! " A well deserved pass for Connie Fuller from Lydney at Monmouth Test Centre on 13th March 2018. Enjoy your freedom Connie! 

Terry Gill

"Very happy to have finally passed my practical test. Jim has been an amazing teacher, very patient and understanding. Would recommend JSF Driving to everyone." A well deserved practical driving test pass at Gloucester Test Centre for Terry Gill from Gloucester, on 1st February 2018. Great result Terry and hope it serves you well at work! 

Liam Jurgens

"Very relieved to have passed. Jim was very helpful and patient with me, and provided the occasional but also necessary humour. Having my licence means a great deal, allowing a major step towards my career as a musician. It will also allow me to be more independent in life and rely less on my parents taking me places. Thank you so much to Jim and the team at JSF."  Celebrating the first test pass of the year for JSF Driving with Liam Jurgens from Cheltenham who passed his test at Gloucester Test Centre on 12th January 2018. Great result Liam, well done!

Gill Harris

"Thank you Jim and Sharn at JSF for your fabulous instruction and support. You have made learning to drive a pleasurable experience. I would recommend anyone choose JSF Driving School."  A double first time whammy on 14th December 2017 at Gloucester Test Centre!!! An excellent first time pass for Gill Harris from Lydney, and the first time JSF Driving has put a learner through the new practical driving test. What a brilliant result. Gill's parting words were "I'm off to get a drink!" Please note, this was after the test and Gill will not be driving tonight!  

Kerry Frost

"Thank you so much to JSF Driving School and Jim for enabling me to achieve my dream this morning! Over the moon! Jim’s advice and patience was second to none, I don’t know how you always manage to stay calm. Had the best experience and cannot wait to get on the road. Thank you again." Brilliant first time pass for Kerry Frost from Cinderford at Gloucester Test Centre on 30th October, 2017. Enjoy your freedom Kerry, been a pleasure teaching you.