Show Me, Tell Me – Vehicle Safety Check Questions from Dec 2017

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The new style of safety check questions come in to effect with the new practical driving test from 4th December, 2017.  You can see our comparison of the old and new style practical driving test on this link ……        You will be asked two vehicle safety questions during your practical driving test,

How to Fail Your Driving Test – The Top Ten Reasons

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Nobody wants to hear those fateful words “I’m sorry to tell you but on this occasion you have not been successful.” Here at JSF Driving School we figured that during lessons we are usually so busy being positive that we rarely talk directly about how you actually fail your driving test – the top ten

Practical Driving Test – Is Your Car Fit For The Test

We have had a few learner drivers ask if they can take their practical driving test in their own car, particularly from those having to take the test in the UK after driving on an International licence, or those going for an extended test.  The answer is yes you can, provided the vehicle meets the

Driving Test Changes – Reasons to Learn With JSF Now!

Rumours always circulate about driving test changes, but this time they are true - the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is changing the driving test from October 2010! It is the driving tests’ 75th birthday this year, and to celebrate it is being altered to examine ‘a more realistic drive’. The “assessment of competence to drive