Driving Tips

On Route To The Open Road – Learners Guide

We are lucky to be living in this beautiful county of Gloucestershire, from its untouched rural landscapes, rivers and forests, to the buzz of it towns and cities.  However, if you really want to enjoy the delights of Gloucestershire, for work and play, then you need to be able to drive a car.

Accompanying Learner Drivers – Private Practice

WHY? Driving can give you freedom, but in the UK for almost ten people every day it is a fatal activity, with hundreds more being injured!  Unfortunately, newly qualified drivers make up more than their fair share of these accidents, and this is reflected in their insurance premiums!

Practical Driving Test – Is Your Car Fit For The Test

We have had a few learner drivers ask if they can take their practical driving test in their own car, particularly from those having to take the test in the UK after driving on an International licence, or those going for an extended test.  The answer is yes you can, provided the vehicle meets the minimum standards that make it fit for test purposes.

Basic Winter Car Maintenance

JSF Driving School has put together some useful top tips to keep you and your car safe on the road during the colder months, and save money on your garage bills in the longer term! Tyres Check that the tyres have sufficient tread depth.  The legal requirement is that tyres should have a tread depth

Motorway Driving Tips Part 3

Leaving the Motorway Various signs and markers will indicate when you are coming to the end of a motorway, or to your chosen exit.  You will have plenty of time to follow the instructions and plan ahead, even if on a three or four lane motorway. As with all motorway driving, drive defensively, making good