Christmas Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers… & They’re Free!

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It catches us by surprise every year… just when is the best time to launch the JSF Christmas Gift Voucher video to our adoring public? Here at JSF Driving School we want to keep everyone happy but also provide enough time for your Gift Voucher Cards to be individually personalised and safely delivered in time for Christmas Eve. Not bad given that the gift card is free when you buy ten or more lessons with a block booking discount!  

How to Fail Your Driving Test – The Top Ten Reasons

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Nobody wants to hear those fateful words “I’m sorry to tell you but on this occasion you have not been successful.” Here at JSF Driving School we figured that during lessons we are usually so busy being positive that we rarely talk directly about how you actually fail your driving test – the top ten reasons why learners do fail!  

Driving In Strong Winds – Safety Tips

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Britain seems to be suffering from far more  extreme weather forecasts recently, so we’ve put together some safety tips to help you keep safe when driving in strong winds.. As with most difficult driving conditions, it is down to you to assess whether your journey is worth the risk. Life is precious, and sometimes road conditions dictate that some journeys are just not worth taking if you are to keep safe!