This page (together with the documents referred to on it) tells you the terms on which we supply any of the services and products listed on this website (our site) to you.

An abridged version will be issued to you on your first lesson requiring your signature, and you will be given a copy to keep.

Please read these terms of supply carefully before ordering any Services or Products from us. You should understand that by ordering, you agree to be bound by these terms of supply.

Please understand that if you refuse to accept these terms of supply, you will not be able to order any Services or Products from us.

Note that the Supplemental Additions Applicable For COVID-19 apply until further notice as may be found at the bottom of this page, & as indicated by asterisks (*) within the body of this content.

Information About Us

This site is operated by JSF Driving School (we or us). Our office address for any correspondence is JSF Driving School, 37 Rushyleaze, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5QW.

Your Status

You must be 17 or over at the time of your first lesson and hold a current valid UK provisional Category B driving licence. For Pass Plus or Refresher lessons a full valid licence must be produced. 

Business Dealings

The contract for driving tuition is solely between you and your instructor. You and your instructor are responsible for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons.

Your Instructor adheres to the voluntary Code of Practice as laid down by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) and JSF Driving School, a copy of which is available on request from us.

The JSF Instructor will safeguard and account for any monies paid in advance by the Client in respect of driving lessons, test fees or for any other purpose, and will make the details available to the Client on request.

The Instructor will check the Client’s entitlement to drive the vehicle on the first lesson. If dissatisfied with the documents produced by the Client, or no documents are available, the Instructor reserves the right not to proceed with the lesson and to make a charge for their time.

The Instructor will check the ability of the Client to read a number plate at the statutory distance on the first lesson and check on the Client’s medical status. Should the Instructor be dissatisfied with the eyesight test or the answers to the medical questions, s/he reserves the right not to proceed with the lesson and make a charge for her/his time.

Pupils must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when taking lessons. Any prescribed medication that may effect driving must be declared to the instructor and to the DVLA medical board.

Each lesson will commence when the pupil enters the car provided that the pupil enters the car at the arranged or pre-booked time *

If  the pupil is not present at the arranged meeting point the instructor will wait for 15 minutes, during which time the instructor will attempt to contact the pupil. After this period of time, and if no contact has been made, the instructor will leave and the pupil will be charged for the booked lesson.

Where the instructor may arrive late for a lesson due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the instructor will make all efforts to extend the finish time of the lesson by the same amount of time, or add the time on to the following lesson, as to be noted on the personal progress card.

If the instructor expects to be delayed by more than 10 minutes the instructor will attempt to contact the pupil to advise of the delay.

The Instructor will be pleased to start and finish your lesson from different pick up points providing these are agreed at least one week in advance and that both are within the usual area of work for the Instructor. Any exceptions to this arrangement are at the discretion of the Instructor.

The Instructor will advise the Client when to apply for the theory and practical driving tests, taking into account local waiting times and forecast of the Client’s potential for achieving the pass standards.

The Instructor cannot be held responsible for postponements of lessons due to her/his illness or mechanical breakdown, although every effort will be made to re-arrange the driving lesson.

In the event of the Instructor’s decision to withhold the use of the school car for the driving test, sufficient notice will be given to the Client to avoid the loss of the DVSA test fee, except in the case of an intensive course when the test has already been booked in advance.

The Instructor will at all times, to the best of her/his ability, endeavour to teach the Client correct driving skills according to the DVSA’s and JSF’s recommended syllabus.

Whilst JSF believes that two hours of tuition usually provides best value for most learners, JSF will not teach a learner for more than four hours per day, with at least one break in the middle. This particularly applies to Intensive courses as we have a reputation to maintain and do not want to be paid for teaching learners with brain overload.**

The Client will book the School car for a minimum of 2 hours on the day of their practical driving test and pay for this time over and above the DVSA’s test fee. If the Client decides not to use the School car for the test, they must make their own arrangements including someone to accompany them to the test centre.

The Instructor cannot be held responsible for postponements of tests due to Test Examiners or the Test Centre. Your Instructor will support you to re-arrange the driving lesson, and claim compensation from the DVSA if available.

Immediately after passing your test it is JSF’s policy to drive you to your next, agreed in advance, destination. This is seen as good practice given your state of euphoria on passing with JSF.

The pupil is legally responsible for any penalty notices incurred while they are driving the car.

The pupil also agrees to pay the cost of uninsured damage to the vehicle and any other non recoverable costs incurred during a driving test.

Should a pupil have an unsuccessful driving test JSF Driving School may refuse the use of school car for a further test unless the pupil has taken a minimum of five hours of further driving lessons.

The pupil agrees that JSF Driving School and/or the instructor have no liability to the pupil for any loss, injury or damage. Statutory rights are not affected.

Prices & Payment

Lesson prices, inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate, are shown on the JSF website, servicing Gloucestershire and HR9, NP16, NP25 and NP26.

JSF Driving requires payment for lessons in advance by bank transfer. We no longer accept payment by cash.

Learners new to JSF Driving are required to pay for initial bookings at least 7 working days prior to the lesson. Returning learners must then pay at least 72 hours prior to the session start in order to reserve their booking.

Failure to pay in advance as described will mean that the session is not reserved in to your instructors diary & may be secured by other learners until payment is made.

Block booking lessons are deemed valid for six months from the date of purchase unless alternative arrangements are made well in advance with your instructor, at his/her discretion. 

Refunds may be made upon cancellation of block bookings; any used training time will be recalculated at normal lesson rate and the remainder refunded accordingly.

Lessons may not be paid for in arrears. Please do not put your instructor in an embarrassing position by asking for credit, which will be refused.

Any price changes for existing and active customers will be notified in advance by your Instructor, usually with at least two weeks notice of the change date.

Any previously block booked lesson prices will be honoured at the price in force at the time of booking for a period of up to 6 months from the date of booking payment. If you fail to use a minimum of 50% of your block booked tuition within the first 3 months of the booking date, we reserve the right to increase the price of any unused tuition time. Any subsequent block booking lessons purchased after the price change notice will be at the new rate.


All offers are available at JSF Driving’s discretion with prices as shown on the website. No cash alternative is available. Each offer isn’t transferable and may not be used in conjunction with any other price offer.

Novice Taster Sessions are open to pre-test learners with little or no previous driving experience, limited to one booking per person.

Free Gift Voucher Cards are valid for six months from issue date as indicated on the back of the voucher. Lessons must be arranged in advance with your driving instructor by initially contacting the JSF office, as detailed on the Gift Card. After the six months have elapsed you’ll not be entitled to receive driving tuition for any hours unused. It’s your responsibility to book lessons with your instructor well before the expiry date, as we can’t guarantee your instructors availability at short notice.

JSF Loyalty Scheme rewards you for spreading the JSF word with a full free hour of tuition for every new learner that mentions your name, unprompted, when they first contact JSF HQ, and after they have completed and paid for their first ten hours of lessons.

Free reward hours may be accrued, being valid for up to six months from issue, and can be used for post test training such as motorway lessons and Pass Plus.

Intensive courses ***

Can be arranged via the JSF Office, preferably with an initial assessment lesson prior to booking confirmation where possible, and generally culminating with a DVSA test booking on the last day of the course.

All intensive courses require a non-refundable 50% deposit upon booking confirmation, with full payment made at least ten working days prior to commencement.

Course fees cover all lessons as agreed, including use of the school car on the test, but do not include the DVSA practical test fee.

Test dates must be arranged through your instructor.


All communication must be in person, not via a relative or friend unless that communication concerns payments or product purchase. This is both for security and data protection purposes.

Your Instructor will provide you with their mobile number so that you can speak to them directly, preferably by text message as it is JSF policy for Instructors not to use their mobile ‘phones during lessons.

Changes to appointments must be made with the Instructor directly with allowance being made for the fact that the Instructor cannot answer a mobile call during a lesson.

Changes will not be valid until the Instructor speaks directly with you.

To ensure that communication channels are in place please ensure that your Instructor is aware of both your best mobile and landline numbers.

For confidentiality purposes, your permission will be required before discussing your progress with any significant others.

Cancellation Policy ****

JSF Driving operates a 48 hour cancellation policy on all standard lessons.

Failure to provide sufficient notice will result with payment being required in full or deducted from the remaining hours block booked.

Please note that Intensive Courses have a separate cancellation policy, the terms of which are agreed in writing in advance of booking confirmation.

Please also note that from the 25th November to the 17th January each year inclusively, JSF operates a 96 hour cancellation policy on all standard lessons. This allows us to manage our diaries more effectively when some learners find their festive activities getting in the way of  progress towards their test success.

Refund Policy

Refunds for lessons not taken will only be made in exceptional circumstance, and entirely at the discretion of JSF. Lessons already taken will not be refunded under any circumstances unless claimed in accordance with the JSF Money Back Guarantee Procedure, as indicated below.

See separate refund arrangements for Intensive Courses and Gift Voucher Cards as shown above.

Money Back Guarantee Procedure

JSF Driving School will take any complaints very seriously, using that feedback to continually improve our service going forward.

To claim under this guarantee you must follow the steps below.

  1. Call the JSF office within 24 hours of completing your lesson to let us know if you have had a problem with the service or tuition you received.
  2. Provide the JSF office with the name of your instructor along with the date and time of your lesson.
  3. Give as much constructive feedback as you can explaining why you were unhappy with your lesson as provided.

As with all services provided by JSF Driving School, we do have these straight forward Terms & Conditions which apply to stop anyone taking advantage of our fairness.

Bad Weather

Lessons will be taken as booked unless advised by the Instructor in every circumstance. If weather is such that your lnstructor feels that a lesson needs to be re-arranged, he/she will be in touch with you. If you have concerns then speak with your Instructor.


Your Instructor will give you the maximum possible notice of holidays or days where he/she is unavailable. Please ensure that you do likewise.

To maintain progress, please book & pay in advance with your Instructor your first lesson back after your break to retain your place in the diary.


Any complaint by the Client, in the first instance, should be made to the Instructor if possible.

If the Client is not comfortable or satisfied, she/he should then complain to the JSF Driving School office where we will endeavour to resolve any issues.

Further complaint should then be made direct to the DVSA’s Registrar of Approved Driving Instructors.

Our Right to Vary These Terms of Supply

We have the right to revise and amend these terms of supply from time to time.

You will be subject to the policies and terms supply in force at the time that you order Products or Services from us.

Law and Jurisdiction

Contracts and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be governed by English law. Any such dispute or claim will be subject to the non- exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Supplemental Additions Applicable For COVID-19

* Lessons will commence once discussions start outside of the vehicle. 

** JSF will provide 2 hour sessions as standard during the pandemic, with regular airing & cleansing of the vehicles between each learner. We will be unable to provide Intensive Courses until the DVSA online booking system catches up with the backlog of practical tests.

*** Intensive Courses will not be provided whilst the DVSA online booking system remains backlogged. Not having a test date means that JSF will prioritise Intensive Courses on a waiting list until further information is provided by the DVSA.

**** To allow for responsible COVID-19 behaviours the standard Cancellation Policy will be altered for short notice cancellations caused by COVID-19 related symptoms.

Should your scheduled lesson be cancelled for COVID-19 related symptoms, we will require evidence that you have taken a PCR Test as shown below. The same applies if Test & Trace have requested you isolate. Failure to provide evidence means we will be forced to implement a statutory 21 days waiting period before your lessons can be resumed. 

  • If you are displaying symptoms you & your household must self-isolate & apply for a free PCR test. Further information can be found on this link
  • If your test produces a positive result you must share information promptly about your recent contacts through the NHS Test & Trace Service to help us alert other people who may need to self-isolate
  • If you have had a close recent contact with someone who has COVID-19 you must self-isolate if the NHS Test & Trace Service advises you to do so. They will also advise you on the appropriate test to take.

Should the result of your NHS COVID-19 test be negative then we will resume your lessons as normal once the JSF office receives a named & dated copy of the text or email result.

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