Concept of the eco-friendly car - body surface is covered with a realistic grass

Do you want to save up to 10% on your car fuel bills, whilst saving the planet? 

That’s an average saving of £170/year or £14/month* whilst reducing your CO2 emissions by up to 8% a year!

YEP… that means the cost of the workshop will more than pay for itself within 4 months.

JSF Driving School now provides exciting group workshops which cover eco driving as well as getting the best out of your car. You’ve got nothing to lose by booking to spend a fun couple of hours with a driving professional who will share the latest techniques, really saving you money whilst helping to protect the planet. How often does that happen!!!

Prices will normally be £50/person, but take advantage of the limited number of early bird special offers at £35/person for anyone booking their place before July 2020.

Courses will be arranged throughout the Gloucestershire and surrounding areas according to demand.

Teenage girl learning to drive

Parents & Guardians – Don’t Pass on Your Bad Habits! 

New drivers are being taught to use eco driving techniques, so if you are planning on accompanying your learner driver for private practice, you’ll need to have these skills too!

Sign up for the JSF eco driving course to make sure that you can support your new learner effectively whilst spending less money on your fuel and car repairs, and protect the planet. It’s a no brainer!

This JSF Workshop is popular with individuals as well as business drivers, concentrating on how you use your car along with the latest training techniques. Why not invest in an enjoyable couple of hours?

Eco driving is not only less stressful on you as the driver, but also for your passengers and your vehicle. It can improve road safety and awareness of others, making your driving experience more pleasurable for all road users.

Eco or green driving is the hot topic of the moment, as we all look to tighten our belts whilst having less impact on our planet. By adopting a ‘green approach’ you can reduce both by a substantial amount, saving you money on fuel and vehicle costs and reducing pollution in our environment.

Let’s do our bit…

Call Sharn now to find out more.

*Based on an average mileage of 12000 miles per year.