It catches us by surprise every year… just when is the best time to launch the JSF Christmas Gift Voucher video to our adoring public?

Here at JSF Driving School we want to keep everyone happy but also provide enough time for your Gift Voucher Cards to be individually personalised and safely delivered in time for Christmas Eve. Not bad given that the gift card is free when you buy ten or more lessons with a block booking discount!  

One minute we’re all moaning about the fact that there are mince pies in the shops before Halloween, then the next thing we’re all blubbing along with the penguins as the big budget Christmas tv adverts hit the screen and we realise that there are only about 40 something shopping days left until Christmas!

Now, being a smallish local business we are very much limited by time and budget, but around this time every year we are always overcome by a festive frenzy!

The likes of John Lewis gives us a nudge that says we really need to spread the word about the JSF Driving Christmas offering – the personalised JSF Gift Voucher Card, a great present option.

The gift voucher video extravaganza that we’re launching right here, is the product of the creativity that festers all year round, like an overly fermented mulled wine, in the recesses of JSF Sharn’s imagination, only to erupt once a year, triggered by Mr Lewis and friends… along with help of some very inexpensive software. She has an A level in Art don’t you know… just don’t ask about the grade!

The script is always the easiest bit to do as the Gift Voucher Card itself is free when you purchase ten or more driving lessons so it sells itself. If you’re buying for someone new to professional driving lessons, then we even throw in a free extra hour on top of the block purchase for good measure!

A well thought through recipe, we serve up great value driving lessons in a choice of two gift card styles, with various offers to sprinkle around. JSF has a tasty overall pass rate, and a brilliant first time pass rate to top it all off, just like the star on the top of the Christmas tree!

If you’re familiar with JSF Driving School at all, you’ll know that we love to celebrate our JSF Raving Reviews, so just have to include a few in the extravaganza. It’s all about our learners for us, whether just passed, returning to the road or looking for confidence on the motorway or parallel parking.

The final bit is the most difficult part… the music! We just have to agree that we can’t please everyone all of the time, but at least we choose wisely from the festive ditties available rather than doing it ourselves!

Maybe we should have included a few penguins? Please take a look and feel free to comment and share our efforts.

At this point, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas, with a safe but exciting New Year, from all the JSF Driving School Team!  Were we the first?