Project Description

Connie Fuller proudly holder her practical test certificate after passing with JSF Driving School

Quotation marks open in redThank you so much JSF Driving! Not only have you helped me pass my test but have really helped me with my confidence when driving, which I never thought would happen. The lessons were very thorough and helpful. Jim was very calm and clear when explaining what I did wrong and how to improve it. It is a very professional school with a checklist to map your progress along the way. I started off hating driving and the thought of it made me anxious, but with Jim’s help I can now drive confidently thanks to his reassurance. Thank you again, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!! Quotation marks end in red

A well deserved pass for Connie Fuller from Lydney at Monmouth Test Centre on 13th March 2018. Enjoy your freedom Connie!