South Monmouthshire Area

Michael Kelly

"JSF Driving are very professional, reliable and friendly. Passing my test has and will make my life a lot easier. I enjoyed all my lessons with Simon and Jim, even when the lessons were difficult." Celebrating a well deserved pass for Michael Kelly from Chepstow who passed his practical test at Monmouth Test Centre on 23rd March 2018. Stay safe and enjoy your freedom! 

Sophie West

"If only I'd met JSF Pete at the start of my driving lessons! He's by far the best tutor, so practical, and he explains things incredibly clearly. Five stars for Pete, he won't let you down!" High praise from Sophie West from London who passed her driving test on 15th September, 2014 at Monmouth Test Centre. Drive safely, especially on those London roads!

Nadine Corbin

"After three vehicles and three driving instructors I finally passed second time with JSF Tim. Thank you to Jim, Nigel and JSF Tim who stayed patient with me through our time together. After a short time with Tim, thank you for getting me to test pass standard. Well done JSF!" Super well done to Nadine Corbin from Chepstow who passed at Monmouth Test Centre today, 30th July, 2014. Nadine coped really well with the changes after her original JSF instructor retired, which goes to show how good JSF teach! Drive safely Nadine, and enjoy your freedom!

Rosie Owen

"Thank you JSF Nigel for being very patient and friendly, and for making it so I passed first time!!" Rosie, from Chepstow passed her driving test on 8th May, 2014 at Monmouth TC. Great job, we are really proud!