During times of economic downturn, and insecurity, one of the strongest areas of opportunity in the UK business sector remains the franchise market.  More and more people look to franchising as a way of setting up their own business, allowing them to buy in to a successful product and brand, reducing the risks involved with starting a business from scratch.

Now more than ever, people want to benefit from the fruits of their hard labour, after years of making profits for others.  Some use their redundancy to build a secure income for the future, others look to downsize their working hours, for a better work/life balance. 

 All want to be in control of their own destiny, with a flourishing business.

There has never been a better time to be running your own franchise than now!

As a local, independent business, JSF Driving School can offer a high quality, ethical franchise to the right person.  Established in 2006 by Jim Franghiadi, and his wife Sharn, JSF Driving School has gone from strength to strength, and now has a professional team of Instructors with a market leading presence throughout Gloucestershire, and South Monmouthshire.

Jim says:  “Are you a good driver?  Do you like and get on with people?   Then you could be on the way to becoming a qualified Driving Instructor with our JSF training package!  Unlike most of our competitors, our training has come about because we had problems finding good Instructors…..we keep it small and personal, tailored to the individual, at comparable pricing.  Our approach to Instructor training is based on the JSF ethos in that we provide quality lessons, rather than quantity, with professional tuition that gets results!

We are also always interested in meeting good ADI, and PDI, Instructors in whom we can invest our support and unrivalled reputation, in return for a simple, competitive and fair franchise package.”

Sharn went on to comment:  “JSF is committed to providing each of our Instructors with support so that their business can run as easily and efficiently as possible. We know the area and the market, and only take on Franchisees when we have the customers to offer a reliable income. We know our business, we know our customers, and we know that it is in our interest to have each JSF Instructor succeed……our product depends on it!

We invest in you with our reputation as much as you invest in us!”

If you have made the decision to achieve more this year, and wish to find out more about becoming a part of the JSF Team, then do call Sharn or Jim for a no obligation chat on 0333 200 7275.

Take a look at the Join the JSF Team page on our website to find out more about joining the JSF team, as well as checking out loads of raving reviews, interesting articles and news.  We can also be found on the JSF Driving School Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @JSFDriving.