Here at JSF Driving School we are always on the lookout for good Instructors to join our small Gloucestershire based team, & despite high unemployment levels, great Instructors are not always easy to find!

Did you know that since 1970, the only people allowed to give paid instruction in cars had to qualify & have their names entered into the Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) by law?  The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is responsible for conducting all theory and practical driving tests in the UK, & is also responsible for maintaining the Register.


If you are a good driver and get on with people then you already have the first two requirements to become a Driving Instructor.  You will need to have good people skills, patience and empathy.

As most Instructors are self-employed, good business sense and diary management are vital too.  You get to decide what hours you work & when, whether it will be full or part-time.  You may choose to work less & enjoy more leisure time, or work more & reap the rewards of a much higher income level as a self-employed person!

Once qualified, you can venture out on your own, building your business up from scratch through reputation & marketing, or you can join an established business, such as JSF Driving School, where you buy into a franchise package & reduce the risks.


You will need to have held a full UK car licence for a minimum of three years.  You must be a ‘fit and proper’ person, so convictions, motoring and non-motoring, still in force will be taken into account, & a CRB check completed.  You must not have been disqualified from driving in the four years prior to being entered in the Register.


Qualifying as an ADI involves taking three tests:

1. Theory Test.

2. Driving Test.

The above are much more advanced than the normal ‘learners’ tests.

3. Test of Instructional Ability – Considered to be the most difficult part of the three tests, this will assess the quality of your instruction in two role-play situations, with the Examiner taking the role of the Pupil.  Each takes half an hour and both must be passed.

A trainee licence can be issued after you have passed the second test & gained 40 hours training in instructional ability with a qualified ADI.  You can then be legally paid to give instruction for up to 6 months whilst you polish your techniques in preparation for the third test.

Once you pass Part 3 you are then fully qualified & can apply to enter the register of ADI’s & claim to be a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor – putting the letters DSA ADI (Cars) after your name!


We have all heard the horror stories in the media involving a certain large company, who promises salaries in excess of £30,000 & loans repayable once qualified!   Always research & check the small print of any potential trainer or franchise package before you commit!

Here at JSF Driving School we keep things small, local & reasonably priced.  We are independent & Gloucestershire based, training only one or two Instructors at a time so that we can maintain our enviable reputation.  Your training course will designed around your requirements & needs in a professional, friendly but fun way, at a very competitive price.

As a driving school, JSF is committed to providing each of our Driving Instructors with the support that allows them to run their business as efficiently as possible. We know the area and the market & provide a simple, friendly & competitive franchise package – backed by a competent marketing strategy.  We place a high value on our reputation so we monitor extensively before allocating a franchise. We invest in our Instructors as much as they invest in us.

If you would like further information or an informal chat about becoming a Driving Instructor &/or your prospects with JSF, please call 01594 845367 or email  Further details can be found on the link join-the-jsf-team.