Sam Daykin

"I chose JSF Driving School because they have a great reputation and good looking website, and Jim was flexible enough to fit my lessons around my crazy shift patterns! I really didn't know what to expect before I started, but I will say Jim is very good at explaining things. His approach to teaching is second to none. If you want to pass and become a well rounded driver, Jim is your man. Keep doing what you're doing!" Another excellent first time pass, this time with Sam Daykin from Mitcheldean, who passed at Gloucester Test Centre on the 8th August 2019. Now those crazy shift patterns will at least be dry ones, well done! :) 

Will Green

"I chose JSF Driving because of their high pass rate and their great online reviews. Learning with them passed my expectations, and I feel I didn't have to go off and learn anything extra on my own. I would recommend JSF Driving as I feel Jim is a good teacher and patient, a great experience that couldn't be improved upon!" Celebrating a first time driving test pass with Will Green from Lydney who passed his practical test with Jim on the 6th August, 2019 at Gloucester test centre. Well deserved! Enjoy your first road trip as designated driver to the football :)

Darren Thomas

"Jim is a top driving instructor who takes the time you need to master your manoeuvres and get confident. Really friendly. I am very chuffed I passed my test first time, an on an intensive course too!"  Love it when an intensive course goes to plan, especially when you can now easily pop over to another county for fishing! Congratulations to new driver Darren Thomas from Cinderford who passed his test at Gloucester Test Centre on the 17th July 2019.

Liam Bradley

"I'm feeling very relieved that I have passed. Leading up to the test Jim had made me feel extremely comfortable and confident that I could pass so I couldn't recommend JSF Driving enough!" A well deserved first time pass for Liam Bradley from Lydney at the Gloucester Test Centre on the 26th June 2019. Knew you would smash it, enjoy your freedom! 😀

Megan Lambert

"I feel surprised that I passed as I thought I would fail due to lack of mirror checks! I chose JSF Driving as my brothers recommended Jim who taught them both how to drive. My first drive will be to the cinema and it will be nice to go there independently, rather than constantly asking my Dad for a lift!" Great result with a first time pass for Megan Lambert from Lydney, keeping the driving tradition in the family for JSF Jim who just loves it when he takes the whole family along for their rites of passage. Well done Megan, knew you would do it... enjoy your independence!