Paul Weyman

"Absolutely thrilled to have passed... now the wife can be the passenger! Jim was a very patient instructor who made me feel very comfortable at all times. It's been a very pleasurable experience with JSF Driving. " Celebrating a first time pass on 20th June 2018 is Paul Weyman from Gloucester. Well deserved and congratulations from the JSF Driving team.

Anna Hallway

"Can’t wait to be driving on my own and just hoping that my future passengers are as patient as Jim. Thank you so much JSF Driving School!" Celebrating her status as a new driver on 1st June 2018 is Anna Hallway from Gloucester after passing her test at Gloucester test centre. Enjoy your freedom, stay safe... see you on the road!

Adam Chandler

"Jim really helped with my driving and confidence. He was a really patient instructor. Without him I wouldn’t have passed and gained my independence. Thanks for all your patience and encouragement."  A well deserved practical driving test pass for Adam Chandler from Gloucester at the Gloucester Test Centre on 31st May 2018. There will be no stopping him now. Well done!

Terry Gill

"Very happy to have finally passed my practical test. Jim has been an amazing teacher, very patient and understanding. Would recommend JSF Driving to everyone." A well deserved practical driving test pass at Gloucester Test Centre for Terry Gill from Gloucester, on 1st February 2018. Great result Terry and hope it serves you well at work! 

Owen Parker

"I have learnt a lot through JSF and I am pleased that I have passed. I wish for other future drivers to succeed with JSF as I have done." Excellent result for Owen Parker who passed his practical driving test today at Gloucester Test Centre, 23rd February, 2017. Well done!