Liam Jurgens

"Very relieved to have passed. Jim was very helpful and patient with me, and provided the occasional but also necessary humour. Having my licence means a great deal, allowing a major step towards my career as a musician. It will also allow me to be more independent in life and rely less on my parents taking me places. Thank you so much to Jim and the team at JSF."  Celebrating the first test pass of the year for JSF Driving with Liam Jurgens from Cheltenham who passed his test at Gloucester Test Centre on 12th January 2018. Great result Liam, well done!

Gill Harris

"Thank you Jim and Sharn at JSF for your fabulous instruction and support. You have made learning to drive a pleasurable experience. I would recommend anyone choose JSF Driving School." A double first time whammy on 14th December 2017 at Gloucester Test Centre!!! An excellent first time pass for Gill Harris from Lydney, and the first time JSF Driving has put a learner through the new practical driving test. What a brilliant result. Gill's parting words were "I'm off to get a drink!" Please note, this was after the test and Gill will not be driving tonight!  

Kerry Frost

"Thank you so much to JSF Driving School and Jim for enabling me to achieve my dream this morning! Over the moon! Jim’s advice and patience was second to none, I don’t know how you always manage to stay calm. Had the best experience and cannot wait to get on the road. Thank you again." Brilliant first time pass for Kerry Frost from Cinderford at Gloucester Test Centre on 30th October, 2017. Enjoy your freedom Kerry, been a pleasure teaching you.

Cameron Watkins

"Jim and JSF Driving were great. I highly recommend them to any of my friends or family. I received quality feedback when I needed it, which really helped. Passing my test means the world to me because I live in the Forest of Dean and it's hard to get around. No more asking my family and friends for lifts!"  Well deserved pass for Cameron Watkins at Gloucester Test Centre on 16th October, 2017. Guess who will be able to come and go as they please from Flaxley from now on... stay safe mate!

Dan O’Regan

"Jim and JSF Driving have been brilliant from start to finish. Great communication and feedback throughout. Jim is really knowledgeable which gives you confidence as a learner driver. Now passing my test means no more cold and wet mornings on my 125cc!" One very pleased Dan O'Regan with a first time pass from Gloucester Test Centre on 16th September, 2017. We're really proud and glad to hear that setting out from Yorkley this winter will be much better for you Dan. Congratulations from the JSF team!