Updated 8th October 2021

JSF Driving School is preparing to restart lessons with a planned phased return from week commencing the 13th April 2021 after the DVSA indicated that driving lessons can resume on the 12th April in England subject to scientific data support. Similarly theory tests will resume on the 12th April 2021 & driving tests will resume on the 22nd April 2021.

We will be prioritising existing learners before moving on to customers who have already reserved a space on our waiting list.

The waiting list is now open to new learners who may reserve their space by contacting us during office hours.

Please note that all sessions must be paid for in advance by bank transfer as cash payments will no longer be accepted.

This system will be updated as & when required to adhere to government & DVSA guidelines & directives as they are provided.

JSF Driving would like to reassure you that we continue to conduct risk assessments in line with government & DVSA guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our learners, instructors & their families. Lessons will now be conducted under enhanced operating standards & procedures that each instructor & learner will be required to follow through so that driving lessons can continue as safely as possible.

It is the sole responsibility of the learner & instructor to ensure that they are safe to go ahead with driving lessons in terms of their identified COVID-19 risk level, that of others living in their household & others they may socialise with.

We recognise that many will find the “new normal” unsettling, but please do take the time to read through the information below as driving lessons are now even more of a team effort relying on your cooperation & attention to detail.

We hope you find these measures reassuring & clear, but if you have any questions please contact us in the usual ways.

The evening before your scheduled lesson

Your instructor will call or text you to ask if you have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms:

  • A high temperature 
  • A new continuous cough
  • You’ve lost your sense of taste or smell, or it has changed

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, or have been in close contact with anyone that has, the lesson will not go ahead & you will be expected to take an PCR test as advised by Government guidelines https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

Further lessons will be postponed for 21 days or until a named copy of your negative test result is emailed to the office. 

Prior to your lesson & before you enter the tuition vehicle

  • Ensure that you are wearing long sleeves & that your legs & feet are fully covered
  • Keep in mind that the interior of the car will need to be well ventilated so dress appropriately for the windows being partially open & potentially no air conditioning being used. Discussions will also be held outside of the vehicle (umbrellas provided)
  • Wash your hands with soap & water as close to your lesson time as possible. Your instructor will have anti-viral hand sanitiser available if you are unable to wash your hands
  • Your instructor will expect you to watch out for their arrival as they will not come up to your house
  • Standing at least 2 metres away, providing separate umbrellas if necessary, your instructor will
    • ask again if you have been experiencing any symptoms or anyone with whom you have come into close contact
    • take your temperature using a non-contact infrared body thermometer 
    • may test your sense of smell using an essential oil
    • check your eyesight during your first lesson or first lesson back after lockdown
    • asked you to hold up your licence so that they can record the details during your first lesson or first lesson back after lockdown
    • talk you through procedures
  • All items, such as mobile phones & house keys will have to stay on you as they can not be left on the dashboard or put into door pockets. Similarly any bags you bring must be placed in the boot of the vehicle by yourself, the boot to be opened & closed by your instructor
  • You will be shown the correct way to wear the 3-ply face mask which will be provided by JSF Driving as part of your lesson price. You will be expected to fit it prior to entering the vehicle & then wear the mask throughout the lesson. If you wear glasses then it is your responsibility to make sure that the mask does not interfere with you vision prior to the lesson
  • You will not be permitted to wear gloves during your lesson as anti-viral hand sanitiser & the use of disinfectant have proven to be more effective, whilst not impeding your grip on the steering wheel or controls.

Vehicle cleansing protocols checklist 

Your instructor will clean the vehicle with an anti-viral disinfectant before & between every new lesson as noted on a checklist to ensure full completion.

  • Door handles inside & out
  • Window & mirror controlsCovid-19 car cleaning touchpoints
  • Seat & head restraints
  • Seat belt & seat adjusters
  • Gear lever
  • Steering wheel
  • Handbrake
  • Indicator & wiper stalks
  • Light switches
  • Car keys
  • Training resources such as visual aids
  • Car seats will be sprayed unless disposable seat covers are used. Beaded seat covers will not be in use

Your instructor will clean their hands with an anti-viral sanitiser before & after each lesson.

During the lesson

  • Face to face conversations will be avoided as much as possible
  • Physical contact with any training aids will be minimised & these will also be sanitised before each new lesson
  • If a demo drive is required by your instructor, protective seat covers will be swopped, & a full wipe down will be required both before & after swopping positions
  • If your instructor needs to take physical control of the vehicle during your lesson then an immediate wipe down of the touch points will be required before the lesson can continue
  • Please refrain from touching your face, hair or body as much as you can during lessons

After your lesson

  • You are advised to wash your hands as soon as possible after the lesson
  • It is advisable to change & wash your clothes once at home
  • Any briefing notes will be shared digitally with you by your instructor

Lessons will be subject to withdrawal at short notice at the discretion of JSF Driving School if the R-value is deemed to be too high to be considered safe, if a more contagious strain of COVID is in the working area &/or if we are alerted as a contact by the NHS Track & Trace service with whom we will fully cooperate in the interests of public safety. The JSF Privacy & GDPR Policies will be adjusted accordingly following advice from the ICO. Consent will be presumed if you agree to go ahead with lessons.