Project Description

JSF Drivingthumbs up to driving test succes School received a great email from Liz who took a couple of Refresher Lessons with Jim before attending her Driver Assessment Course after an accident in Cheltenham. Liz said: “Hi Jim, Just to say how much I appreciate your help over the last two weeks & how very helpful it has been. Our session before my “testing time ” greatly improved my confidence & helped so much in my performance. The second session has made me feel ready to visit again the scene of my accident, something I don’t think I would ever have done without your help, thank you so much. You were very patient & encouraging. I really will remember your advice about lanes on roundabouts. May see you again, if the bad weather comes, for further help. Thank you again. Best wishes, Liz Lockett.” Thank you Liz, it was a pleasure, and safe driving! Jim hopes to see you back for some bad weather driving if the need arises…………or if we get snow!